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Nursing Mother Goddess Necklaces


You are going to LOVE these beautiful, hand-crafted pendants by artist Susan Kirk!

Susan was my "neighbour" at the DONA Conference in 2008 here in Vancouver, BC. I was immediately drawn to her work and as a result couldn't keep my eyes (or hands) off her wares, walking away with several of her pieces after our two days together. (Don't worry, I paid for them!)

A Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace celebrates and honours breastfeeding, thus making it "the" perfect gift for new mothers and their families, doulas, lactation consultants, midwives and OB/GYNs.

These stunning hand-crafted ceramic pendants are available in seven non-toxic, low-fire glaze colours - Stony Turquoise, Ivory, Ebony, Terra Cotta, Pink, Black and White, and Pastel - effortlessly coordinating with anything and everything in your wardrobe!

Understated yet eye-catching, she will be a conversation-starter every time you wear her! I can't tell you how many people have commented when I wear mine.

The Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace measures 2" tall (pendant portion) and is carried by a 25" black satin cord that is easily adjusted to be shorter if desired.

Susan Kirk

Susan has been creating art ever since she was a small girl. When she was pregnant for the first time she was fascinated with the life growing within her. At the time, she was meeting with a group of women working with clay and was inspired to create a vessel that would hold this experience, empowering and honoring the upcoming birth. This also became the birth of her business. Her work connects her to her own experience as a mother, through birth and nurturing, and connects her to the entire life process.

"My art celebrates the mystery of life, the incredible beauty of birth and the bond with our children and the whole family." ~ Susan Kirk

Nursing Mother Goddess Necklaces ship for $3.50 within Canada and $8.58 within the USA. Visit our shipping page for more information such as our shipping days, estimated delivery date and options for expediting (for an additional charge).