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Please Do Not Disturb - MOM at Work!


Has anyone ever walked-in on you while you were pumping at work? at home? If it hasn't happened to you yet, do you sit in your office, cubicle or elsewhere and worry that it might? If so, this could temporarily interfere with your letdown, which is of course completely counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve - more milk for your baby! (And try remember that if it has happened, it was just as embarrassing for the gatecrasher as it was for you!)

The PumpEase Do Not Disturb door hanger speaks volumes on your behalf in a fun and sassy way, letting your co-workers and family members know that you are busy "Mommy-tasking"!

You will be able to relax in privacy and as a result may express more milk! Of course you will also be wearing your PumpEase hands-free pumping bra so that you can continue on with the tasks at hand whether it be at the office - checking email, talking on the phone or performing other important aspects of your job, or at home - writing out thank you cards, tending to your baby or paying bills online.

Click on the image to the left to see an enlarged view of the lovely "milk-drop" shaped door hanger. It even has breastmilk storage guidelines on the reverse side - so handy!

Improper human milk storage can be extremely dangerous to your baby. With all of the conflicting information on the internet how do you know what information to use? We deferred to the experts to compile these guidelines for you. The information on both our magnets and our door hangers is based on the Human Milk Banking Association of North America's document entitled 'Best Practice for Expressing, Storing and Handling Human Milk' and has been reviewed by a Certified Lactation Counsellor (CLC). Therefore you can be rest assured that you milk is stored in the safest manner possible for your little monkey.

The PumpEase Do Not Disturb door hanger measures 4 x 9" in size.

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