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Through a Child's Eyes Keepsake Colouring Book


"Our Keepsake Colouring Books arrived today! Thank you so much!! They really are beautiful pictures!"


Through a Child's Eyes - Supporting the beauty of breastfeeding™

Help older siblings welcome the newest member of the family and discover the beauty of breastfeeding with this thoughtful and high-quality keepsake colouring book. The warm, inviting drawings and likeable characters make it easy to answer curious questions and keep little hands busy while teaching helpful lessons. You can even design your own PumpEase and share it on our Facebook wall!

"I love colouring with my girls and I hope you will too." ~ Wendy, Founder & CEO, Snugabell

All images are ©Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear. Line drawings by Joni Rae Latham.

Soft Cover, 16 pages (20lb bond; no newsprint)
Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear, 2013

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Joni Rae describes herself as a writer, artist, homeschooling, pagan mom to four fantastic children, and wife to a cello-playing English dude.

"I guess I should let you know a little about me... I'm pagan, and sometimes talk about that, but mostly I talk about breastfeeding, parenting, my kids and husband, my artwork, food, daily life, the weird things my kids say, my hopes and dreams, and boobs. I believe everyone has the right to be with the people they love, make choices for their own bodies, and that we all deserve to have equal rights. I think that we all have the right to worship (or not) as we choose, but no one has the right to use religion to make life choices for other people. I sometimes swear. I think debate can be fun and differences of opinion rock, but if you are mean and rude to me you will be gone. I also think boobs are really awesome and talk about them quite a bit."

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