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Bamboobies Multi Packs


Breastfeeding is Beautiful... Leaks and Lines are Not!©

The Bamboobies Multi Pack is available in Pale Pink; 3 pairs of heart-shaped pale pink regulars plus 1 pair of overnights or Assorted; 3 pairs of heart shaped (pale pink, hot pink and black regulars) plus 1 pair of overnights Bamboobies. 

I *SO* wish that Bamboobies were available when I had my babies. Unknowingly, I used disposable pads and went through many boxes of them (and I didn't even leak that bad). I met Kerry, the founder of Bamboobies, at a trade show in Las Vegas, and not only are her products terrific - green packaging, fair-wage US production, and sustainable fabrics - so is she!

I love this quote from the Bamboobies website: "Bamboobies have been called the Maserati of nursing pads." For a gal like me that grew up with a "car Dad" and is now married to a "car guy", this really resonates. Think of the most lavish spa/car/house/restaurant/hotel you've ever experienced and that is the way you'll feel when wearing Bamboobies - the ultimate in luxury!

Bamboobies are the smart, eco choice for new moms - either for yourself or as a gift...

Bambooies ships as detailed below within Canada and for $8.37 to the USA. Visit our shipping page for more information such as our shipping days, estimated delivery date and options for expediting (for an additional charge).

British Columbia - $8.81
Alberta - $13.39
Saskatchewan - $15.93
Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, PEI, Quebec & Yukon – $15.43
Nova Scotia & Newfoundland - $19.45
Nunavut - $27.59
North West Territories - $42.77