Celebrity Love

Katie Garza - Mrs USA 2015 & Founder, Pumping for Preemies

September 2015

"I LOVE my PumpEase and use it everyday. I'm your #1 fan!"

Julia Bradbury

May 2015

Julia Bradbury, a UK television host, tweeted a picture of herself pumping with a Snowy Leopard PumpEase in the back of a car. And then we chatted!  ;-)

 Julia Bradbury's tweet     Julia Bradbury tweeted us back!

Erica Cerra

December 2012

We recently received this kind thank you card from Erica Cerra who welcomed her lovely baby girl Talia in May.

Erica Cerra thank you card

Jenna Von Oy

August 2012

We received this lovely thank-you card form Jenna Von Oy who welcomed her baby girl Gray Audrey in May!

Jenna Von Oy thank you card

Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman & Laila Ali

June 2012

We participated in the Healthy Child Healthy World, Best for Babes Celebrity Event at Jenna Elfman's home in Los Angeles this past April.  The event was to raise awareness of the pivotal role that breastfeeding and toxin-free living play in raising healthy families.  We received this lovely, personally-signed thank you card from Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston & Laila Ali.

Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman & Laila Ali thank you card

Alyssa Milano

October 2011

We received this lovely thank you card from Alyssa after she had baby Milo in September.

thank you card from Alyssa Milano

Jessica Rey

October 2011

We're pleased that PumpEase is helping first-time mom Jessica Rey make pumping an easier part of her day. Thanks for the tweet Jessica!

tweet from Jessica Rey


January 2011

Wendy caught some girl time with the newly-pregnant Jewel at the Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Baby and Big Kid Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills, California. Jewel is an award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist, actress, and poet. She and her husband Ty Murray are expecting their first child - a son - in the summer. Jewel is planning to breastfeed and with her busy schedule will definitely be putting her PumpEase to good use!

Mayim Bialik

January 2011

We had previously gifted Mayim with a PumpEase Organic and a Do Not Disturb door hanger when we heard she pumped on the set of the Big Bang Theory. Wendy was so pleased to meet her at the Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Baby and Big Kid Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills, California. Mayim told her that she hung the door hanger outside her dressing room every time she pumped.

Stacy Francis

January 2011

Wendy was taken aback when Stacy Francis practically *ran* up to her table at the Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Baby and Big Kid Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills, California. Stacy announced that she "needed a PumpEase" citing a recent phone call with Kelly Preston who told her she "must get one" (we gifted Kelly when she was pregnant with Ben). Stacy is a singer, actor and writer, most recently blowing Simon Cowell away on X Factor.

Heather "dooce" Armstrong

April 2010

We were so thrilled to receive a personal postcard from the wonderful mother of two, Heather Armstrong of dooce.com. Thanks Heather!