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PumpEase - a "Recession-Proof" Product? - YES!

Last Fall, we received an email from a retailer that wanted to sell our product in her store.  It was quite the coincidence as I had just three days earlier drafted an email to her, introducing PumpEase™, but had not sent it yet - and then she contacts us (can you say kharma?)

Anywho... she explained in her email that although they weren't taking on any new products at that time (due to the economy of course), that they wanted to carry PumpEase™.  She called our product "recession-proof" (and she said it "rocked" and a bunch of other nice stuff!)

I have been reflecting on that email from time to time over the last few months.  And I've come to the conclusion that she was right. PumpEase™ IS recession-proof!

Let me explain:

During hard economic times, people "cocoon".  What do they do when they stay home? - make babies of course!  There has actually been talk of another baby boom - perhaps not as big as the post-war baby boom that we are all so familiar with - but a baby boom no less.

Artificial feeding costs almost $2000 USD annually.  Breastfeeding provides all the nutrients your baby needs, is always the right temperature and is FREE.  It also protects you and your baby from a myriad of diseases.  Kind of a no-brainer I'd say.

New Moms are likely to have to return to work sooner than planned to bring some money into the household, therefore more women will be pumping!  If you are buying or renting a pump, what's another few dollars for a PumpEase™? - a product that lets you multitask while pumping - your boss will love it and so will you!  And of course you will need one of our sassy Do Not Disturb door hangers to announce to all of your coworkers that you are busy "Mommy-tasking"!

And then of course, you can't argue with the numbers.  We had our best month ever in January 2009.  Everyday on the news, in the papers and on the internet, all the talk is "doom and gloom" - people losing jobs, families losing their homes, businesses closing (I feel for ALL of you, really I do).  And yet, we are filling more orders than ever and are 'business as usual'.

I've been reading articles here and there about consumers' spending habits during an economic downturn.  Research indicates that people cut corners with the "everyday" stuff - groceries, toiletries, items that don't really matter too much - however, psychologically need that one "luxury" item to boost their spirit, to make them feel special, to remind them that things will get better.  Go ahead!  Treat yourself to something special whether it is a PumpEase™ or something else you really want!  You deserve it - and don't you dare feel guilty!

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The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Appeals to Facebook to Change their Policy

I'm a little late posting this, but regardless I believe it is important to share.  I think everyone who reads this blog has heard about the 'Big Brother' Facebook issue by now (or maybe I should say Big Mother)?  What I find particularly ridiculous is their reactionary stance on the removal of these so-called 'obscene' breastfeeding pictures.  So, you can have a breastfeeding picture on your profile as long as no one complains about it.  Hmmm... I've seen pictures that barely show the breast let alone a nipple that have been removed by Facebook and yet there are others showing "everything" that haven't.  If Facebook has policies in place, then they should be upheld across the board, not just when the wheel squeaks.  It is discriminatory.

It reminds me of a job I had about 20 years ago (yes I was a victim of child labour).  The employee parking lot accommodated only a fraction of the people who worked in the building, therefore some of us had to park on the street.  There was a 3 hour parking bylaw, but it was only enforced (with a parking ticket) if a resident complained.  Needless to say, we quickly got to know which addresses NOT to park in front of due to them housing particularly 'grumpy' homeowners that had nothing better to do but to call the city to give us a ticket.

So Facebook, I appeal to you as follows:  If you are going to pull pictures and cancel accounts, then each and every picture posted to Facebook MUST be screened using identical criteria.  Therefore, if a picture of a mother breastfeeding her baby, with the baby's head positioned in such a way that no part of the areola is exposed, is considered obscene, then so is a picture of a burlesque dancer wearing pasties.  It is as simple as that - the same rules MUST apply to all parties.

Here is a copy of the press release issued by the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine last month.

Facebook flack regarding breastfeeding mothers

New Rochelle, NY, January 12, 2009 - "The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine feels that the social networking website, Facebook, would be well advised to review its policy banning photographs of breastfeeding mothers. Such a policy perpetuates the notion that breastfeeding is an unseemly bodily function best kept from public viewing, a misguided and antiquated concept that has no place in contemporary society. It further perpetuates the idea that formula feeding is normative when breastfeeding is, and should be considered, normative infant and young child feeding. Health professionals widely acknowledge that breastfeeding is biologically unique and appropriate for the mother and infant.Giampietrino - The Virgin Nursing the Child with St John the Baptist in Adoration

Throughout most of history, breastfeeding, whether performed in private or otherwise, has been regarded as a natural and wholesome aspect of daily living. In fact, some of the greatest works of Renaissance art dealt with the theme of the Virgin Mary breastfeeding her infant son (the Madonna Lactans).  Note from Wendy - no less than 47 images, in Wikipedia alone, appeared when I Googled "Madonna Lactans".  I have incuded one such image to the right - and a stunningly beautiful one at that.  And yes that is a COMPLETELY EXPOSED areola (gasp! - what were they thinking back in the 16th century?)

So important is breastfeeding for the well-being of infants, mothers, and society at large that no less than forty four states have enacted legislation safeguarding the right of a mother to breastfeed in public. The Surgeon General's Blueprint for Action on Breastfeeding encourages "images of breastfeeding as the normal way to feed infants in most places women and their infants go." Facebook should certainly be considered one of those places."

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation through education, research, and advocacy. An independent, self-sustaining, international physician organization and the only organization of its kind, ABM's mission is to unite members of various medical specialties through physician education, expansion of knowledge in breastfeeding science and human lactation, facilitation of optimal breastfeeding practices, and encouragement of the exchange of information among organizations.

Very well stated.  OK, Facebook... are you finally going to step-up to the plate?  Tell me what you think - will Facebook ever eat their words?

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Mr Rogers Talks About Breastfeeding

Thank you to Tanya Lieberman over at The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog once again for tracking down such great material!  I don't know how you do it but I sure am glad you do!

I have a new-found respect for Mr Rogers after watching the elusive "Episode 364", (originally aired in 1968 - the show's first season) where he discusses how baby animals and human babies drink their mother's milk.  I stand corrected on the date of this episode; it was originally aired in 1984.  Thank you "MarFv"!  The clip includes wonderfully detailed footage of moms nursing their babies that ironically would most certainly be pulled from Facebook today.  Apparently Mr Rogers was a heckuva lot more open-minded and forward-thinking over 41 years ago, than a good percentage of people today.

Ever since I saw that clip I have been obsessed with finding out more about the much-parodied Fred Rogers and his "Neighbourhood".  I think I'm in love.  Mr Rogers and the Neighborhood Trolley

Fred Rogers wrote every episode as well as composed all the music for every one of his "Neigborhood" shows.  He regularly dealt with many issues that other children's programs glossed-over like divorce, war, competition, anger and death.  He was concerned with teaching children to love themselves and others.  In fact, research confirms that 'Mister Rogers Neighborhood' can help children develop the important skills they need for learning in and out of school.  How many of today's programs would even come close to this?  I think I'll be buying some DVD's for my girls to watch. 

Here are some other little-known facts (at least to me) about the famed Mr Rogers:  He was a vegetarian that swam every morning and neither drank or smoked.  'Mr Rogers Neighbourhood' had no commercials when it was on the air, running for 28 minutes solid.  He was an ordained Presbyterian minister.  One of his heroes was cellist Yo-Yo Ma whom appeared as a guest on his show.  'Mr Rogers Neighborhood' won four Emmy Awards and Fred Rogers won a 5th for Lifetime Achievement in 1997.  Fred Rogers was cited as one of the most prominent witnesses influencing the Supreme Court decison in the case Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc (Betamax v. VCR).  He held 40 honorary degrees and won numerous awards.

Fred Rogers died on February 27, 2003 from stomach cancer, shortly before his 75th birthday.  'Mr Rogers Neighbourhood' aired for over 33 years (that's 998 episodes - the longest running program on PBS).

"Can you say 'breastfeeding'?  I knew you could."  (Sorry I couldn't resist).

Please share any special stories you have about 'Mr Rogers Neighborhood' and its beloved creator.  I'd love to hear more!

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Breastfeeding Protects You and Your Baby Against Disease

I think today's moms and moms-to-be are aware that benefits exist for themselves and their babies when they choose to breastfeed, however, I stumbled across this post from The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog (one of my faves) which has an excerpt from a 2007 US Department of Health and Human Services meta-analysis with actual percentages - très cool (and I'm not even French!)

Breastfeeding reduces babies' risk of the following diseases as noted below:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):  36%
Type 1 Diabetes:  19-27%
Type 2 Diabetes:  39%
Leukemia (acute lymphocytic):  19%
Leukemia (acute myelogenous):  15%
Asthma:  27%
Gastrointestinal infections: 64%
Lower respiratory tract diseases:  72%
Atopic dermatitis:  42%
Acute otitis media:  50%

Breastfeeding reduces mothers' risk of the following diseases as noted below:

Type 2 Diabetes:  4-12%
Ovarian Cancer:  21%
Breast Cancer:  28%

OR if you want to see the flip side...it seems to have more impact:

Artificial feeding increases babies' risk of the following diseases as noted below:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): 56%
Type 1 Diabetes: 23-37%
Type 2 Diabetes: 64%
Leukemia (acute lymphocytic) : 23%
Leukemia (acute myelogenous): 18%
Asthma: 37%
Gastrointestinal infections: 178%
Lower respiratory tract diseases: 257%
Atopic dermatitis: 72%
Acute otitis media: 100%

Artificial feeding increases mothers' risk of the following diseases as noted below:

Type 2 Diabetes: 4-14%
Ovarian cancer: 27%
Breast cancer: 39%

You should be aware of the fact that this is NOT a complete list.  Breastfeeding protects against many more diseases and scientists continue to do research around this topic.  Enough said - BREAST IS BEST - always has been, always will be!

Do these numbers surprise you?  alarm you?  make you even happier that you are/did/plan to breastfeed(ing)?  Tell me what you think.

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Sneak a Peek at Our Classic Collection II Fabrics!

Well it's official!  The fabrics are on order and we are SOOOO excited!  The Classic Collection II is due to arrive this Spring and we can hardly wait!  We are currently booking our model and sourcing accessories to style the photo shoot which is inspired by a famous movie.  We had waaaay too much fun on the Fabulous 50's shoot - breast pumps and all - and can't wait to work with Claire Reid again.

Forget Me Not  Snowy Leopard  Verry Cherry
           Forget Me Not                        Snowy Leopard                       Verry Cherry

Oh and by the way, we haven't given away the store here.  There is a 4th print that you will just have to WAIT to see.  And it is absolutely going to be our Best Seller!

Tell us what you think...