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The Snugabell Team's Best and Worst Christmas Gifts of All Time

Christmas gift

Not to come across as ungrateful, but have you ever opened a gift from someone and wondered WTHeck? Yup, me too. Was it a re-gift? Were they drunk when they bought it? Did they mix up the tags? I hope you enjoy a few laughs as the Snugabell Team recounts their BEST and WORST Christmas gifts of all time...

Denise - Quality Control & Packaging Diva

BEST: my Barbie Motor Home c. 1978 HELLO!?!

WORST: a cheap vacuum, iron and ironing board from my boyfriend (at the time). Yup, dumped him!

Karen - International Business Development Diva

BEST: My parents are always so generous, it is difficult to pick out one gift. But every year, my dad goes clothes shopping for me. He goes into Ann Taylor, tells the sales girl my size, and has her pick out something really nice that I would normally find too expensive to buy for myself. I always enjoy that gift because he chooses it himself without my mom's help.

WORST: When I lived in Florida I was invited to ornament exchange parties. No matter what, for years, I always ended up with the ugliest, cheapest ornament that nobody wanted to steal away and I always felt bad for being disappointed by it! I dreaded those parties. :)

Melany - Shipping Diva

BEST: Definitely our family trip to Cancun in 2001.

WORST: I'm too young (and single) to have received a 'worst' present yet. Something to look forward to perhaps?

Robyn - Office Diva

BEST: I don’t have a personal best present, trunk organizer aside (keep reading). All my presents have been wonderful and I could never choose one over another.

WORST: The gift and the circumstances involved make this story - Cleaning house one day I found, under my bed (on his side), a trunk organizer. I thought it was strange, maybe hubby was gifting it to himself? Didn’t say anything about it and then Christmas morning much to my dismay I found out the lovely organizer was my ‘special’ present. To say I was disappointed and a little peeved is putting it mildly. I went on about it all day until my Mom told me stop. "You sound like a fish wife!" she said. Shish, it’s all about the differences between the sexes – hubby would have loved it as a gift. ☺

Amy - Social Media Diva

BEST: Finding out I was pregnant with my daughter Ava.

WORST: I'd feel like an ingrate if I answered that... ;-)  Honestly, nothing comes to mind. (So you're taking the Fifth on that one Amy? Uh huh...)

Wendy - Founding Diva

BEST: Last year Mike and the girls surprised me with a ring. It had a purple center stone (one of my favourite colours) with four "diamonds" around it in a pretty setting. It wasn't worth much - just faux stones and sterling silver, but I LOVED it because the girls picked it out for me AND Mike didn't spoil the surprise (he can't keep a secret if his life depended on it!).

WORST: Before I met my husband, I dated a man that bought me a clutch kit for my car. Yes, he was in the doghouse for that little lapse in judgement.

I was just informed by Robyn that I don't have a "Meet the Snugabell Team" post and should do one. What do you think? Hmm...

Regardless, we would *love* to hear all about your BEST and WORST Christmas gifts in the comments below.  Share the love (and the misery)!

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