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Guest Post: Keeping My Milk Supply Up

This is the fifth of six posts in the "Pumping with Weather Anchor Mama" series by Stacy-Ann Gooden.

Stacy-Ann currently delivers the weather week nights in New York City, however considers her most important role being a wife and mom. She writes about balancing career and motherhood in her blog Weather Anchor Mama.

Stacy-Ann and her daughter

One of my biggest concerns as a nursing mom has been keeping my milk supply going strong. I’ve spoken with so many moms who say they were unsuccessful at breastfeeding because they ran out of milk. I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I consulted my doctor for advice. Basically, I researched my butt off.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to keep my supply going: 

1) When I told my daughter’s pediatrician that I was going to breastfeed, he told me to drink water before, during, and after each nursing session. As soon as we returned home from the hospital, I sent my hubby out to buy several gallons of bottled water. I kept it close by throughout my maternity leave. The doc also mentioned that I shouldn’t give my baby water for the first 6 months. So, taking in water myself meant my baby and I both stayed hydrated.

2) I’ve maintained a healthy diet by taking in about 500 extra calories a day. The added bonus is that breastfeeding helps me burn a lot of calories. (Every now and again I hit the gym, so eating more is sometimes necessary).

3) I nurse a lot (the more I nurse, the more milk I produce).

4) I pump at work.

5) There are plenty of lactation cookie recipes that include the ingredient brewer’s yeast that’s believed to increase milk supply. Other mamas swear by Fenugreek or other galactagogues. I haven’t got around to trying any cookies, and I didn’t notice much of a difference when I took Fenugreek. However by maintaining a healthy diet and nursing and pumping as much as I can, I have kept my supply solid. It’s all about dedication baby!

Following these simple tips has helped me through my breastfeeding experience. It’s been over a year and I’m still going strong!

Did you ever feel that you didn't have enough milk? Was it real or perceived? If the former, were you successful at increasing your supply? Tell us how you did it below...

The content of this post is based on the personal experiences of Stacy-Ann Gooden and may not reflect evidence-based information. Your experiences may differ. Please consult your health care provider and/or a Board Certified Lactation Consultant for advice.

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