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Meet the Snugabell Team: Denise - Our Quality Control & Packaging Diva

Dixie, Denise and Olivia (L-R)

Hi, my name is Denise Armbruster and I am responsible for the quality control and packaging here at Snugabell. I have been on the Snugabell team by far the longest. In fact, Wendy has been bossing me around since 1970!! Truth be told, I am her younger sister so it kind of goes with the territory (or so she tells me). :-)

Before having children I worked as a bookkeeper. After over 10 years of that, I decided I needed a change and chose to pursue a career in the food industry. I have always loved baking and did it every chance I could growing up. I think I baked my first chocolate cake all by myself at age 7 and it turned out awesome. Instead of doing the “usual” teenager type stuff on weekends, I would tackle big projects like puff pastry, donuts or endless amount of sugar cookies intricately decorated for upcoming holidays. In the early 90’s I enrolled in both the Culinary and Pastry & Desserts Program at Dubrulle French Culinary School here in Vancouver. I loved it and excelled in both programs. Upon graduation, I was hand-picked by the school for a three-month apprenticeship at a chateau in Normandy, France. I have to admit, those three months are a definite highlight in my life. Have you ever eaten unpasteurized French cheese? OMG so good!!! We totally kill cheese here in North America, sorry! I still do custom cakes for friends and acquaintances out of my own kitchen. I love doing wedding cakes!

Dixie wearing a PumpEase as a sash.

I met my husband Mike shortly after I returned from France. I had my first baby, Olivia, in 2003, and had absolutely no intentions of not being her mom on a full time basis, so I quit my job to stay at home. Sure money has been tight - I have to go without some things - but it is worth it. By the time Dixie arrived in 2008, Wendy had already invented the PumpEase. By that time I was also providing full-time daycare for Wendy's two girls, therefore I was concerned about how I was going to fit it all in! So I promptly went out and bought a breast pump. I was also diagnosed with a low milk supply, something that wasn't an issue with Olivia, and was prescribed Domperidone. Dixie has always been an “easy” baby. She has slept through the night since she was one month old. (Yes I’m bragging!!!) I attribute my success to my PumpEase and breast pump. I would pump once a day around 11pm and then would use that milk to “top her up with a bottle” after nursing her before bed every night. Worked like a charm for me anyways.

I have been doing the quality control and packaging for Wendy since the birth of Snugabell almost four years ago. It is really great because I can do it in my spare time. I am pretty sure I have the most flexible job on the planet! Dixie even likes to “help” me sometimes by passing me the boxes one at a time as I fill them up. She also enjoys modeling the PumpEase pretending they are Brownie sashes! Check her out rockin' the Verry Cherry!

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