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"All About My Mom" (by my soon-to-be 5 year old daughter Michaela)

I don't know about you, but my brain goes a gazillion miles an hour while doing two particular things - showering and driving (by myself); this is of course as opposed to *normal* when it goes only a million miles an hour. ;-) It isn't often that I'm alone outside of working, so in these two situations, the ideas flow FAST - so much so that I'm thinking of picking up some of those bathtub crayons so I can write my ideas down on the shower wall. I already have the car scenario taken care of - a pad of paper that I scribble ideas down on at the 'next red light'.

The other day (in the shower) I was thinking about my youngest Michaela and the fact that she will soon be five (insert cliché phrase about how fast they grow up here). Then I remembered the interview that I did with my elder daughter Antonia when she was about the same age and made a mental note to sit down with Michaela (see, need the crayons!) and do the same.

I was originally inspired by Annie's post over at PhD in Parenting in which she invited us to "interview" our child about their mother and share the responses. Get ready for some "awww's" and some chuckles. Here we go...


What are mothers for?

For hugging.

How are mothers made?

You put them underground and make them grow.

What ingredients are mothers made of?

First you go to the hospital and when you grow up a bit you'll be a kid and then you grow more and more and then you're a mommy (or daddy).

Why am I your mommy instead of another woman being your mommy?

Because I was in your tummy.

What kind of little girl was I?

A little kid.

What did I need to know about Daddy before I married him?

Because you got in love.

Why did I choose Daddy to marry?

Because he had a big fat beard and long hair.

Who's the boss at our house?

Daddy and you.

What's the difference between mommies and daddies?

One has different hair and one speaks different.

What do I do in my spare time?

You make us dinner.

What would it take to make me perfect?

Because you are so pretty and I like you and I love you so much.

If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?


It's nice to think that Michaela thinks I'm perfect the way I am - that makes one of us!

Having now done this exercise with both my girls, what stood out for me most was that Antonia's answers flowed quite easily whereas Michaela said, "I don't know" and "Is that right?" quite a few times - I honestly didn't think we would get through all the questions. This rings true to form for their little personalities - not to "label" them per se - however Antonia tends to be more academic and artistic while Michaela is more physical (generally). It is so interesting to witness their characters developing and watch them morph into little individuals!

I welcome you to join in the fun - ask your son or daughter the same list of questions and link back to this post.  You can put the url of your post in the comments.

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