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10 Easy (But Often Overlooked) Ways to Avoid Induction

10 easy (but often overlooked) ways to avoid induction"Medical induction of childbirth is on the rise with more than 45% of Ontarian womenʼs labours beginning with induction by cervidil or oxytocin. While there are some circumstances where a medical induction may be necessary or even beneficial to the birthing mother and her baby, it is estimated that 90.8% of women will not need a medical induction for labour to begin. As such, many inductions are avoidable and are thought to be an elective option rather than a necessary procedure based on a medical indication." ~ Amanda Spakowski, Birth Doula and Prenatal Educator

I met Amanda Spakowski in my first year of business and she has been an avid supporter of PumpEase ever since. In 2009 she relocated to Toronto and launched a new business by the name of The Nesting Place. I have watched it blossom into a wonderful community-based venture offering birth and postpartum doula services, prenatal classes, Birthing from Within® classes, infant massage and much more in both Toronto and Peterborough, Ontario.

Recently Amanda introduced me to a wonderful paper that she wrote about Induction and the top 10 ways to avoid it. I highly recommend you read it, share it and bookmark it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, whether you're currently pregnant with your first child or are finished having your family and have thoughts in hindsight. Please leave your comments below.

You can download '10 Easy (But Often Overlooked) Ways to Avoid Induction' here.

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