December 22nd, 2011 • Comments: 0 • by Wendy • Inside Snugabell

The Snugabell "Boob Cam" at the ABC Kids Expo

Have you ever wondered what's involved in exhibiting at a wholesale trade show?  How about a million square foot show with over 1000 exhibitors and thousands of buyers from retail stores and distribution companies all over the world?

Well, it is a LOT of work.  And it is expensive.  And it requires loads of planning (many exhibitors book for the following year before they leave the current year's show) - show specials, promotional giveaways, displays, staffing...

Then there is the post-show follow-up which many exhibitors fail at miserably.  This year, for once, I had all mine done within a couple of weeks.  <---- SO proud of myself.

Before I started Snugabell, I had *no clue* what exhibiting at a trade show of this magnitude would look like.

So after reading this post from Peter Shankman, I was inspired to buy a GoPro HERO camera, strap it to my chest and give you a taste of trade show life.  Follow me as I set up my booth for the ABC Kids Expo in Loo-uh-vul, Kentucky while wearing the Snugabell "Boob Cam".

Special thanks to Glen and Natalie Sanders of PeekAway for helping me out! (at 1:05)

Let me know what you think in the comments below...


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