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Pumping While Working Out with Jen from Life with Levi

You remember Jen - she is the lovely mama that began as one of our wonderful PumpEase customers and shortly thereafter evolved into a true PumpEase Ambassador of her own accord. Jen first shared with us, the story of her bumpy road to exclusively pumping and pumping in public (PIP) on Black Friday and now with this post, she shows us how she pumps while working out.

Jen and Levi

This post is the third of TEN (woot!) in the "What Can You Do While Pumping" video series. Please check back regularly to see where Jen sets up the horns next!

There was quite a bit of interest on our Facebook page this morning about this particular "Pumping while..." video. I was chatting to Robyn, our Office Diva, about it and I wondered out loud if it is because it was combining two things that a) we are not that jazzed about doing, b) we procrastinate about and c) we never seem to have time for. I think it is the ultimate in multi-tasking when you can double-up on the "less-than-desirables" in your calendar.

And we should also mention that the handsome man in the picture this post is Jen's rockstar husband Jason, who is also the one behind the camera filming all the vids.

By the way, you can follow Jen on Twitter and "like" her on Facebook if you'd like to catch-up with her one-on-one.

So, would you pump while working out? Do you think combining these two "ugh's" would motivate you?  Chime in below.

{Photo credit: Jen / Life with Levi}

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