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Meet the Snugabell Team: Robyn - Our Office Diva

Me and LucyHello everybody! Wendy says it’s time to introduce myself. I’m Robyn, the Snugabell Office Diva.

Who am I? I’m a born and bred Burnaby, BC girl. After I grew up (still working on that), I moved to Langley and raised three wonderful children. I have one boy and two girls, who are all in their 20’s. I breastfed all three of them and had nothing but problems - I had very little milk, no support and an archaic breast pump. My how things have changed!

I look back now and wonder how I managed to make it through the early, middle and teenage years with sanity intact. Maybe I didn’t - you would have to ask my kids.

I’m a firm believer in me; I do things that make me happy, keep me sane, and fulfill me. That may sound selfish but when I’m happy it rubs off on all the people around me. I attribute a large part of who and what I am to my running. I started running when I was forty; it was my BIG present to myself. I refused to give into the age and ageing thing; I wasn’t winding down, I was winding up! I started with 5 km, then 10 km and by the time I was 50 (last year), I had five marathons under my belt - Vancouver, Kelowna, Portland, Boston and New York. A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometres. Yes it is a loooong way and the intestinal fortitude it takes to finish is amazing. When life gets tough I imagine myself running across the finish line; if I can do that I can do ANYTHING. Running or any exercise is not just about physical fitness but mental fitness as well.

I've been working with Wendy for over two years, starting with first doing her bookkeeping once a month. When the opportunity to work with her on a regular basis presented itself, I jumped in with both feet. I love working at Snugabell; the environment is casual and fun. I bring my little dog, Lucy, to work with me most days; the meet and greet as Wendy’s children head out the door to school is loud and exciting every time! Wendy and I try to take the time to go for a run most days; it clears both our heads and gives us energy to finish the day.

I read all the tweets, Facebook messages and blogs about pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and parenting. There is so much information out there that I will have lots to share with my kids when they are ready to have babies.

(And I told Wendy I had nothing to say... LOL!)

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