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Retail Partner Spotlight - A Nurturing Moment

Glenni Lorick

A Nurturing Moment
Glenni Lorick, Owner

 1) What inspired you to open A Nurturing Moment and when did you launch? 

I’m actually the second owner. Michele Trosclair opened A Nurturing Moment in 2005 because she saw a need for in-home support for breastfeeding mothers. I began working with her in 2006 and purchased the business from her in 2009 when her husband was transferred to Colorado.

 2) Do you have a company mission/vision? 

We seek to provide information, education, support and encouragement to hopeful, expectant and new parents.

 3) What was the biggest challenge that you faced during your journey opening the A Nurturing Moment?

My biggest challenge since I purchased the store has been balancing both time and budget. I also publish a magazine for local parents and have founded a non-profit with the goal of helping low-income and teen moms. I want to make sure that every mom we see gets the very best support possible regardless of her ability to pay. Sometimes that affects our bottom line, but I am convinced that my most important job is to serve moms and babies. The rest will fall into place.

 4) What is the best part of what you do as the owner of A Nurturing Moment? What part could you live without?

The best part is helping moms and babies enjoy a successful breastfeeding relationship. I love it when a doctor sends a mom our way and we are able to resolve her problems. I love seeing chunky toddlers come through the door and know that I helped them learn to nurse. It is such a blessing. I could certainly live without the bookkeeping stuff, but fortunately I have a wonderful bookkeeper who keeps me in line!

5) How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have four children. My girls are 22 and 16, and my boys are 20 and 12.

6) What is the best part of what you do as a mom? What part could you live without?

I love being with my children, listening to their dreams and encouraging them. Being a mom is the most amazing thing because you have the privilege of watching their character develop and seeing them pursue their passions. I could definitely live without some of the mouthiness that accompanies the teen years!

 7) Tell us about your experience, as a new mom, trying to find the "right products"?

I was a new mom so very long ago! But the thing I remember the most was being absolutely overjoyed when I discovered Dr. Sears and baby-wearing. My sling absolutely revolutionized my lifestyle. I think there are lots of products on the market targeting new parents, but only a handful are really necessary. I would have LOVED something like the Pump-ease, though, because I did pump sometimes while I was on the computer.

8) What has been the most helpful product that you have encountered?

I honestly think the best product a new mom can get is the Baby K’tan baby carrier. I love it! Just as soon as I’m a grandma, I’ll get myself one!

 9) Do you have any inspiring stories to tell us about someone you have met or something that has happened since starting A Nurturing Moment?

I don’t know where to begin because I’ve met so many amazing mothers. A couple of years ago I had a professor at a local university as a client. She was having such a hard time, but we were able to get her baby to successfully nurse. She began sending her friends to me, and I’ve had the privilege of meeting some absolutely amazing women who are not only terrific moms but incredible professors.

 10) What is the "next big thing" for A Nurturing Moment?

Well, we do have something really big in the works, but can’t talk about it quite yet. But our sister non-profit agency, Moms Nurturing Moms is working very hard to secure grant money so that we can support and greatly increase the work we do with low-income and teen moms. We’re hoping to bring a combination of breastfeeding support, infant massage, and parent education into public housing areas to help break the cycle of poverty.

11) Is there anything else you'd like to add? Perhaps something that not many people know about you or your store?

I was born in Peru, so I’m bilingual. We also cater to Spanish-speaking clients, and I have a real heart for those moms who don’t speak English but need help.

Thank you Glenni for sharing the story of the wonderful work that you do! Thank you also for generously offering to giveaway a PumpEase ($36 USD retail value) to one of our lucky readers. To enter, leave a comment on our blog explaining how hands-free pumping would make your life easier. The comment with the most "likes" by the draw date/time wins. You can also get bonus entries one or all of the following ways: "like" A Nurturing Moment on Facebook; "like" PumpEase on Facebook; follow A Nurturing Moment on Twitter; follow PumpEase on Twitter and/or follow me (Wendy Armbruster Bell) on Twitter, THEN come back to your comment and reply to it telling us what you have done for your additional entry(ies)!

The contest closes on Friday, May 13, 2011, 11 pm CST. Good luck and check back here to see if you're a winner!

Where to find A Nurturing Moment:
Twitter: @ANurturingMomen 

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