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Pumping While Walking the Dogs with Jen from Life with Levi

You remember Jen - she is the lovely mama that began as one of our wonderful PumpEase customers and shortly thereafter evolved into a true PumpEase Ambassador of her own accord. Jen first shared with us, the story of her bumpy road to exclusively pumping and pumping in public (PIP) on Black Friday and now with this post, she shows us how she pumps while wallking the dogs.

Jen and Levi

This post is the second of TEN (woot!) in the "What Can You Do While Pumping" video series. Please check back regularly to see where Jen sets up the horns next!

After watching Jen's vid, my mind kept wandering to the rhythmic sounds of Dr Suess-inspired prose... You can pump in the store; you can pump on the floor. You can pump while driving; you can even pump while sky diving! Walk the dogs, read epilogues...  Help me finish it now - leave a comment below!

By the way, you can follow Jen on Twitter and "like" her on Facebook if you'd like to catch-up with her one-on-one.

{Photo credit: Jen / Life with Levi}

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