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Retail Partner Spotlight - Milkface Nursingwear

Britt Pegan and children

Milkface Nursingwear
Britt Pegan, Owner

1) What inspired you to open Milkface Nursingwear and when did you launch?

When my first daughter was born, I was unable to find any nursing clothing or bras locally and realized that there was an opportunity to fill the void in the market. I was also looking for something to keep me home with my baby! I registered the business in Sept 2001 and launched the website in Feb 2002.

2) Do you have a company mission/vision?

Yes! We want to help moms breastfeed and babywear in style and comfort. We want to help parents with great products and back them up with information and education to help parents make decisions on what will work for their family.

3) What was the biggest challenge that you faced during your journey opening Milkface Nursingwear?

Balance! It continues to be challenging to balance my work life with my home life. I thought it would get easier as my girls got older but it just changes. Not easier, just different!

4) What is the best part of what you do as the owner of Milkface Nursingwear? What part could you live without?

I love working with the customers! I tear up when I’m able to help a mom and her newborn baby snuggle into a wrap for the first time and I absolutely love helping moms find a bra that makes them feel fabulous!

I could probably live without the financial side of running a business! I’m lucky now to have a great accountant and bookkeeper who make that side of things almost painless.

5) How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have 3 girls – Maryn will be 10 in March, Sadie and Ella just turned 7.

6) What is the best part of what you do as a mom? What part could you live without?

I love just hanging out with my girls – we do a lot of reading and drawing in our house! I could definitely live without making lunches for school – for some reason, I just hate it!

7) Tell us about your experience, as a new mom, trying to find the "right products"?

Trying to find the right products as a new mom was very much the inspiration for Milkface. I was ordering from the US and paying shipping back and forth, not to mention that the Canadian dollar was very weak then and I found it to be such a pain. I also found that some products – like baby slings – had a higher learning curve and it was hard to learn without hands-on help.

8) What has been the most helpful product that you have encountered?

No question – my baby slings. I wouldn’t have been able to mother the way I do or run my business without a baby sling.

9) Do you have any inspiring stories to tell us about someone you have met or something that has happened since starting Milkface Nursingwear?

I have had many amazing things happen since opening Milkface. The most recent one has been being in on the ground floor as the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance was formed. I was thrilled to be invited by the incredibly inspiring Kristi Hayes-Devlin, owner of Gypsymama, LLC to be on the Board of Directors of this non-profit trade organization. To see the baby sling and carrier industry come together to work for better products and consumer education has been incredible.

10) What is the "next big thing" for Milkface Nursingwear?

We’re very excited to be ready to open Milkface stores across Canada and are looking to do so through franchising.

11) Is there anything else you'd like to add? Perhaps something that not many people know about you or your store?

We offer a haven in both stores for nursing moms! We have an area called the Milkspace where moms can relax, nurse, change diapers, use the washroom, etc.

Britt has generously offered our readers 10% off when shopping at Simply use coupon code PUMPEASE!

Where to find Milkface Nursingwear:
Facebook: Milkface Nursingwear
Twitter: @milkfacedotcom

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