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Retail Partner Spotlight - Birth Source

Birth Source Inc
Tracey Stolarchuk, Owner


1) What inspired you to open Birth Source and when did you launch?

My professional work as a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator meant sourcing out products for both myself and my clients. This began my quest for high quality items that would enhance the lives of birthing women and parents. I received more and more requests from customers along the way which lead to a larger retail undertaking ultimately launching the Birth Source online store. After a brief period of working from home I missed the face to face interaction with my customers and felt I could provide better service in person. My need to combine the retail and service portion of my business meant a space that accommodated both so the store front for Birth Source was born in September 2007.

2) Do you have a company mission/vision?

The mission of Birth Source is and always has been to enhance the lives of women, parents and babies with high quality, practical products and services during the most monumental phase of life, the childbearing years and early parenting. The vision is to create strong, confident mothers and fathers by offering evidence-based, educational opportunities, safe and effective products and a spirit of community among our customers.

3) What was the biggest challenge that you faced during your journey opening Birth Source?

The biggest challenge during this journey has been learning everything about this business from scratch - implementing the steps necessary to launch Birth Source both financially and emotionally.

4) What is the best part of what you do as the owner of Birth Source?

The best part of owing Birth Source is meeting customers during their pregnancy and having the privilege of seeing them come back with their new babies and sharing their joy. We delight in watching the babies grow and to be a part of this journey with many new families.

5) How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have had four children. My first son Paul was born 22 years ago, followed by Michael who is 16, Sean who is 10 and a daughter Megan who is 8.

6) What is the best part of what you do as a mom? What part could you live without?

The best part of what I do as a Mom is sharing my love of Birth Source with my children. All of them are very proud of the work I do and value families and babies as much as I do. I spend as much time as I can with them outside of work and they are often at the store helping me or hanging out. I could live without working as many hours as I often need to.

7) Tell us about your experience, as a new mom, trying to find the "right products"?

I had my first child young and nobody I knew had a baby then. I didn’t see any examples of “mothering” that I could reference or get advice from regarding products. All I knew was what I could purchase at the department stores. We have come a long way since then with the variety of products available, but then again life is much different than it was 22 years ago.

8) What has been the most helpful product that you have encountered?

Hands down the most helpful product has been a baby carrier. As with many products, they have changed a lot over the years, but it ranks very high on my list of must-have products.

9) Do you have any inspiring stories to tell us about someone you have met or something that has happened since starting Birth Source?

Birth Source was never meant to be a single-faceted business. In fact, it was always meant to be a community resource, combining education, retail, support and community building to make the vision work. The most inspiring thing on my journey to create Birth Source has been the many, many people I have met and networked with that tell me, “Yes, this is what is missing in our community.” We need places like Birth Source to bring women back together on a mother-to-mother basis, sharing wisdom and joys and sorrows on a basic level with one another.

10) What is the "next big thing" for Birth Source?

The next big thing for Birth Source is to continue to build on our vision of gathering people together and perhaps bring more Birth Source resource centers to other communities.

11) Is there anything else you'd like to add? Perhaps something that not many people know about you or your store?

Birth Source welcomes everyone no matter where they are on their birth and parenting journey, recognizing that there are many paths on this road. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome, accepted and safe to share their story. We care deeply about you and your children from the bottom of our hearts.

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