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Snugabell's 1st Annual Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale!We're having a sale! Our very first BLACK FRIDAY SALE that will extend right through to midnight (PST) on Cyber Monday!

I'll be honest, I LA-LA-LOVE shopping in the US. I live about an hour from the border and thus head down a few times a year with a good friend of mine who is a master at spotting a wicked deal. Our last trip was a 12-hour, trunk-heaping-full, shopping extravaganza!

Because you have 10 times the people we have here in Canada, your selection is sooooo much better than ours and your prices are killer (which is doubly good when our dollars are almost at parity like right now).

Let the shopping begin!

Therefore, I've always been a bit envious (OK, a lot) of your BLACK FRIDAY. The closest thing we have is Boxing Day and quite frankly, I'm not getting up early to go shopping on the day after Christmas! After that last bite of turkey crosses my lips, I'm done. (So done.)

I think we should just cancel Boxing Day Sales, make it a day of rest and adopt Black Friday and Cyber Monday here in "The Great White North".

With that end in mind, I hereby launch Snugabell's first Black Friday Sale! WOOT!

Buy any regular-priced PumpEase or PumpEase Organic AND a Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace and save 25% off your purchase with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Shop 'till you drop BABY!

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Denise Brown says:

I love the variety of patterns for your product. I really could have used this when I was in the NICU. I wish I would have known about this earlier in my breast feeding experience with my preemie. I still breastfeed my son and he will be turning 1 on Dec 12th but I really don't put him to the breast unless it's bedtime or nap time. I hope to continue to see your product and I will be visiting your site often as well as telling my friends. I hope you will get a chance to visit my Preemie blog.

Posted on December 5, 2010