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We've Discontinued PumpEase Petite - What Does That Mean For Smaller Chested Moms?

PumpEase Petite is discontinuedWe've had a few moms email us fretting that we're discontinuing PumpEase Petite so we thought we'd better talk about the reasons behind this decision and the fact that there is no need to worry. (Not even a little bit!)

So here's the scoop - both PumpEase Petite and PumpEase are the same size around your body - the ONLY difference is the width of the bra up and down your body. The four sizes:  S, M, L and XL fit moms from 32AA to 48H. The Petites were recommended for smaller cup sizes as they usually need less coverage and less support but the same size in the PumpEase will work the same or even better!

In fact, PumpEase Petite WAS the original PumpEase. I was at least a D cup when I was nursing and I only used the 3" wide bra. (Actually I used our first prototype for both my girls and it didn't even have a proper fastening at the front - only pins! AND it was ugly! But that's another blog post). So as I was saying, I was at least a D cup and I do NOT have "perky" boobs by ANY means (I know, TMI, but it had to be said) and the narrow bra worked absolutely fine for me, so I figured it was all Moms needed.  PumpEase isn't meant to support your breasts (even though it might a bit), it was designed to support the pump flanges.

And then, in the very early days of the biz, we started getting feedback that we should make the band wider. So we decided to introduce a second style and rename the original Petite. Hindsight tells me we should have just run with the wider one, but we had already paid for the packaging to be designed, had ordered our 3" hook & eye (like 3600 of them) and manufactured our first round of production, blah, blah, blah.  It wasn't a ton of money in today's world, but back then, I broke out into a cold sweat just thinking about it!

And then I fell in love with PumpEase! It had more fabric to show-off our fabulous prints, the packaging had more real estate so we could gush about all the amazing features and according to my wonderful manufacturer, it was easier to sew! So we decided to start phasing PumpEase Petite out last year and are now actively clearing out the last of the Petites at 50% off! The good news is, if you are an official member of the Itty Bitty Titty Club (sorry, couldn't resist), you can take advantage of these fantastic savings because if PumpEase Petite supported the flanges on my Droopy Double D's, it will work just fine for you! ;-)

By the way, my Droopy Double D's are now Droopy C's but they look fabulous because I get professionally fit for my bras and thus are one of only a small percentage of women that are wearing the correct bra size. It really does make a HUGE difference! You owe it to your girls ladies! But I digress...

Another super important reason we want to discontinue PumpEase Petite is to reduce our SKU's to make room for new product development. We have a few ideas up our sleeve and want to be able to offer them ALL to you! We can't dish about anything yet, but watch for something completely different this fall!

So are you feeling better about PumpEase Petite going the way of the Dodo Bird? Leave your comments below - we always love to hear from you!

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