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PumpEase Helps Larger Breasted Women Double Pump

Are you unable to double pump because your breasts are too large? Do you have to hold your breast "up" with one hand while holding the pump flange on with the other? If so, keep reading...

I love talking to people - consumers, competitors, retailers, colleagues. I am a Gemini and thus very curious about pretty much everything (except politics lol - can't stand politics!) I ask LOTS of questions. I am very social. But I think the reason I love talking to people so much is because I ALWAYS learn something!

I am normally a C cup and was a D when I was pregnant/nursing, so I had NO IDEA what large-breasted women go through, especially after their milk comes in and they grow yet another cup size or two. Can we say F, G or H cup ladies?

A while back, I was speaking to a woman at a tradeshow who told me she was unable to double pump because of her very large breasts. This is how it went down at her house: Grab hold of a breast with one hand and raise it so that the nipple was no longer facing the floor. Then with the other hand, hold the pump flange on the breast. No double pumping for her (unless she grew a third and fourth hand that is)!

Hygeia Enjoye breast pumpAnd then she shared with me how PumpEase enabled her to double pump! She wasn't totally hands-free, but she was able to double pump. Needless to say she was ecstatic to cut her pumping time in half as well as to increase her supply by pumping both breasts at the same time.  As you may or may not know, pumping both breasts simultaneously results in higher prolactin levels in the blood and thus produces more milk.

She was also able to pump on one side and nurse on the other with the PumpEase - another way to stimulate both breasts and get more milk! Nursing on one side and pumping on the other will also generally result in pumping more milk as your baby triggers you milk ejection reflex (letdown) better than a pump will.

And now that you know how to double pump with large breasts, here is a great article on breastfeeding with large breasts.

Oh and sorry about the almost picture-less post.  I couldn't find any images on the internet that were "suitable" when I Googled "pumping with larger breasts" or any combination of those words IF you know what I mean. ;-) We did include a picture of our favourite brand of breast pump though - Hygeia!

If you're fairly well-endowed and used a breast pump, please tell us about your experience below. We'd love to hear all about it!

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MargB says:

Pre-pregnancy I was an E(normous) cup; I bought my first nursing bras in the final trimester when I hit G(iant) cup size, not realising a few weeks later I'd be a H(uge) cup size. Add to that tiny nipples that flattened out completely with all this breast growth, and even with the help of lactation consultants, breastfeeding was virtually impossible. So pumping was the only way my daughter was going to get my milk.

I can second the story about the difficulty of double-pumping without the PumpEase - the only way I could double pump prior to getting one was to put the bottles on a table and lean into them - which caused me to develop a stiff and sore back.

I still have times when even with the PumpEase only one breast will empty and I have to hand milk the other (my next job will be as a milkmaid) but there is no doubt the PumpEase makes it all a lot quicker and easier - especially on my back.

Posted on July 9, 2010

Wendy Armbruster Bell says:

Thanks for the comment Marg. We greatly value your feedback as a customer in general as well as a larger breasted woman.



Posted on December 1, 2010