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PumpEase Organic™ - hands-free pumping designed by Mother Nature™

PumpEase OrganicWell, the road to PumpEase Organic has been a bumpy one to say the least.  From figuring out what an organic PumpEase should actually look like to sourcing fabric, then having said fabric delayed by fires and volcanic ash (no joke!) to a flooded photo studio, you might have thought we'd give up!  However, if you know me, you understand that I rarely step down from a challenge (read: I'm incredibly stubborn) and actually experience great pleasure from overcoming adversity.  Remember the old adage, "Nothing worth having is ever easy".  And just like childbirth, I've forgotten all (or most) of the pain and am now gushing over my "new baby"!

It was actually Madeleine Shaw of LunaPads that first put the bug in our ear about producing an organic version of PumpEase.  Honestly, I wasn't that jazzed about the idea at first.  For starters, I knew printing organically on a knit was a long shot.  And we are all about the fashion here at Snugabell, right?PumpEase   Organic

And then Madeleine mentioned it to me again - expressing how well-received she thought an organic PumpEase would be by moms.  I agreed the "green" trend was very prevalent in our industry and was likely going to continue.  I voiced my concerns about the prints and we discussed the options.  I considered producing organically dyed solids - picturing a soft green and a lavender (green and purple being my favourite colours, so no surprise there).  We also discussed doing "natural" or unbleached cotton, but I was worried it would look "dirty" next to our white hook & eye.  Something just wasn't sitting right in my gut (and I REALLY listen to my gut!).

But I continued to move forward...  I worked with my wonderful fabric supplier, ordering several strike-offs before the custom-milled organic knit was perfect.  Our final pick had a wonderful weight and hand - so incredibly soft!  And then we sampled it, and something happened...

PumpEase  Organic packagingI had this incredible vision of an unbleached organic cotton PumpEase - the beauty being the simplicity of it all.  And in the next moment, I remembered what my design teacher always told me, "KISS - Keep It Simple Somehow" - aaaah, affirmation.  It saw it and it was beeee-autiful!

In the meantime, we were also designing the new packaging with the help of Sally of Whitespace Design.  All of our current boxes are recyclable, but after consulting with our packaging manufacturer, they helped us choose a stock for the box that was more eco-friendly.

Things moved along swimmingly for awhile until it was time to schedule the photo shoot and I got stuck again - really stuck!  I wasn't sure how we could communicate "organic" while maintaining our signature cheeky marketing style!?  Then one sunny afternoon, I was driving home from my fabric supplier, (I do all my best thinking when I'm driving) not even consciously thinking about the look for the shoot and it came to me - Mother NatureThe model would depict MOTHER NATURE!  I was STOKED!  As soon as I got home, I went online and two hours later I had the whole look finalized.  It just goes to show that you can't force inspiration!  :-)

Everything pretty much fell into place from there (even despite the delays).  I got to play stylist and source the model's ensemble - borrowing an incredible corset from Melanie Talkington of PumpEase  OrganicLace Embrace (we went to design school together) and enlisting my talented friend Dawn to help me make the headpiece.  Add a ballet skirt and white leggings and we were set!

The day of the marketing shoot was incredible!  As always, Claire Reid was behind the lens and thanks to my husband Mike's suggestion, Talysia Ayala was in front - she depicted "the look" so perfectly that the images barely needed editing!

A couple of weeks later, we did our product shoot at the beach, which was equally fabulous as you can see from the image above.  OK, I'm gushing again now... you better go check out PumpEase Organic and tell us what you think before I become "that parent" and pull ALL the pics out of my wallet.

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Deidrea says:

I am BEYOND excited to finally see the Organic PumpEase!!!! I am in love with your image depicting Mother Nature, she's so ethereal, so pure, so simple, I LOVE it!!!
Being such a huge proponent of organic in my life I am SO excited to have the option of an organic PumpEase available!!!! I cannot wait to order one; I bet it is super soft!!!
And about all the bumps in the road - it just makes the end product that much sweeter.. I mean look what came out of the ashes (literally) LOL!!!
Kudos to you Wendy on bringing an organic product to market (speaking from experience, I KNOW it's not easy or cheap) so CONGRATS!!!

Oh...and BEACH shots...um, I gotta see those!!!!

Posted on June 8, 2010

Bettina says:

You did it again, you are the Charles Lindbergh of hands-free nursing bras. Gorgeous, comfy and earth-friendly too, what more could a mom want? Thank you for being such a champion for pumping moms!

Posted on June 10, 2010

Wendy Armbruster Bell says:

Thanks ladies for all your kind words... just wait until you see PumpEase Organic first-hand in October! You will love it!

Posted on June 10, 2010