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Snugabell Travels the Road to the Dragons' Den - Part II

It was just last week that I was on the Dragons' Den Facebook Page reading comments from other entrepreneurs who had already "got the call".  It had been 3-1/2 weeks since my audition, but I had heard nothing.  The producers had just finished the forty-city, Canada-wide audition tour the previous Saturday so I kept telling myself that they wouldn't be calling until they got back to their offices and started short-listing.  That's what I kept telling myself.  I also told myself that if I hadn't heard from CBC within the two weeks "post audition tour", that I wasn't going to.  I was preparing myself for the disappointment, not to be negative or anything, just trying not to have any expectations.

And then literally FIVE minutes before heading into a meeting on Wednesday morning, my business line rang downstairs in my office.  I high-tailed it down there, although not exactly sure why as it wasn't yet 9:30 and that is generally when I start my day.  I also don't usually answer calls that say "blocked" on my call display, but I answered this call.  And it Toronto, Ontario, Canadawasn't like I was even THINKING about it being Dragons' Den.  Come to think of it, since my audition, I haven't been rushing to the phone every time it rings hoping the call display reads "CBC".  Honestly, we've been so busy with the new product launch, that I keep forgetting about the whole scenario (until someone asks me about it of course).  But there she was on the other end of the phone - the producer that I pitched to on that day 3-1/2 weeks ago in downtown Vancouver.  I actually recognized her voice as she has a raspy, Bonnie Tyler thang goin' on.

OMG!  I'm going to Toronto!  Holy crap!  She gave me a few dates to choose from and told me to get back to her ASAP as they fill-up fast and I "don't want to get stuck with the last day as the Dragons are grumpy by then."  OK then...  not going there!  She also sent along a 10-page "Contestant Guide" with tips and tricks, what to expect, what you can and cannot do, etc.  Interesting reading...

What did I do next?  Update myTwitter status Facebook and Twitter statuses of course (lol).  "Wendy is goin' to Toronto. woot woot!" it said on Facebook.  The ensuing comments were hilarious I must say.  And so supportive once I'd fessed up.  Thank you all again for being so wonderful!

After my meeting I called Mike at work to tell him.  I don't call him at work often as I have to call his team leader and ask to speak to him.  Previous calls of this nature have occured when my water broke (with both my daughters) or when Antonia recently was injured at school - you get the picture.  He said, "What's up?"  So I told him and he answered, "I knew you'd get on."  (Thanks hon).  Then I emailed all my friends that are not on Facebook (or not on it often) to share the good news as well.

That evening I sat down and searched for flights.  I was pretty envious of my friends to the south as I scoured different dates on our whole TWO airlines that fly to Toronto right now.  NOT.MUCH.TO.CHOOSE.FROM.  However, by the end of the evening, I had decided that May 13th was the date (Lucky 13 right?).  So I emailed Molly (the producer) before I went to bed so that she would have the information first thing in the morning Toronto time.

Upon waking the next morning I had an email from Molly stating that "the 10th and the 14th are better now".  So... back to the drawing board.

According to the guide, I have to fly-in at the latest the evening before and cannot fly out the same day as my taping (in case they run out of time and have to push me to the next day).  I have now decided on the 14th of May, so we will be in Toronto from the 13th to the 15th.  Still have to book our flights though...  I am just relieved that we have a firm date.

Later that same day, Molly called to discuss my pitch and my numbers and gave me even more great advice and ideas on how to NOT end up on the cutting room floor.  She was so helpful.  Fantastic!

So my next order of business is to edit my pitch according to her advice, book our flights and find a model that lives in Toronto who wants to appear on Dragons' Den.

Oh, and to decide what to wear.  Can't forget that!

Stay tuned...


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Deidrea says:

OH Wendy!! I'm not sure I've heard more exciting news!! Your products are AMAZING, you are truly passionate about what you do..and this is YOUR dream come true! I get giddy to think of all the opportunities coming your way (Since we all KNOW you will actually make it and not end up on the cutting room floor)!!! Congrats just doesn't do this news justice...but until October when I can squeeze you with excitement..it'll have to do!!!

Posted on April 25, 2010

Tracey Stolarchuk says:

Wendy enjoy the ride, opportunities like this come to those who are open, ready and worthy. You are all of those things and smart enough to use it to your best advantage! So happy for you!!

Posted on April 25, 2010

Melodie says:

I'm THRILLED for you! Did you know that Christine Poirier from Momzelle Nursing Wear was on too? I'm so excited that breastfeeding businesses are getting some air time. And deals from the Dragons! Hooray!

Posted on April 25, 2010

Wendy Armbruster Bell says:

@Deidrea - I will look forward to your excited squeezes in October! :-)

@Tracey - Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I am honoured to call you a friend.

@Melodie - Yes, I saw Momzelle when she was on last season. There were a few baby/mom/nursing products on last season and it IS exciting to see these businesses get the exposure they deserve. Thanks so much for your support!


Posted on April 25, 2010

JLee Woo says:

I really enjoyed your blog it was good information for me. I come to America not long ago. Thank you for information I like the humor.

Posted on June 29, 2010