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PumpEase - a "Recession-Proof" Product? - YES!

Last Fall, we received an email from a retailer that wanted to sell our product in her store.  It was quite the coincidence as I had just three days earlier drafted an email to her, introducing PumpEase™, but had not sent it yet - and then she contacts us (can you say kharma?)

Anywho... she explained in her email that although they weren't taking on any new products at that time (due to the economy of course), that they wanted to carry PumpEase™.  She called our product "recession-proof" (and she said it "rocked" and a bunch of other nice stuff!)

I have been reflecting on that email from time to time over the last few months.  And I've come to the conclusion that she was right. PumpEase™ IS recession-proof!

Let me explain:

During hard economic times, people "cocoon".  What do they do when they stay home? - make babies of course!  There has actually been talk of another baby boom - perhaps not as big as the post-war baby boom that we are all so familiar with - but a baby boom no less.

Artificial feeding costs almost $2000 USD annually.  Breastfeeding provides all the nutrients your baby needs, is always the right temperature and is FREE.  It also protects you and your baby from a myriad of diseases.  Kind of a no-brainer I'd say.

New Moms are likely to have to return to work sooner than planned to bring some money into the household, therefore more women will be pumping!  If you are buying or renting a pump, what's another few dollars for a PumpEase™? - a product that lets you multitask while pumping - your boss will love it and so will you!  And of course you will need one of our sassy Do Not Disturb door hangers to announce to all of your coworkers that you are busy "Mommy-tasking"!

And then of course, you can't argue with the numbers.  We had our best month ever in January 2009.  Everyday on the news, in the papers and on the internet, all the talk is "doom and gloom" - people losing jobs, families losing their homes, businesses closing (I feel for ALL of you, really I do).  And yet, we are filling more orders than ever and are 'business as usual'.

I've been reading articles here and there about consumers' spending habits during an economic downturn.  Research indicates that people cut corners with the "everyday" stuff - groceries, toiletries, items that don't really matter too much - however, psychologically need that one "luxury" item to boost their spirit, to make them feel special, to remind them that things will get better.  Go ahead!  Treat yourself to something special whether it is a PumpEase™ or something else you really want!  You deserve it - and don't you dare feel guilty!

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Claire Reid says:

Good Blog Wendy. Very true and well put together. :-)

Posted on February 20, 2009