January 16th, 2009 • Comments: 0 • by Wendy • Customer Service

Little Black Dots on your PumpEase™

If you ever find little black dots on your PumpEase™, don't fret!  These little black dots would be found near the horn openings - they are not dirt and they are not holes!  "Well then... what are they?" you ask.

During production, our manufacturer uses a felt pen to mark the location of the horn openings.  Normally drillholes (small holes in the fabric) are used for this type of marking in the factory, however we have opted for the felt pen to preserve the integrity of the fabric in light of the fact that the horn openings are one of the most important areas of our product.  This felt pen washes out in an instant!  If you touch it with water, it will "bleed" immediately and change to a purple color.  Dabbing it with (I use cold) water a few times, front and back, and then tamping with a paper towel removes the dot in its entirety.  Or you can just let your washing machine do all the work for you.

Just thought you'd like to know!  I will try to post some pictures of the infamous black dots soon!

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