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Quality Control at Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear

I was raised by my Mom and Dad - two people with very 'discerning' taste (read perfectionists and totally anal).  I now see some of the same tendencies in myself and my two sisters (we were doubly cursed and didn't have a chance!)  We poke fun at each other citing, "You sound just like Mom!" or, "That's something Dad would have done!"

But that's good news for you!  Every PumpEase™ that leaves our house for yours is checked several times by different members of my "very particular" family.

After we receive our production from George, Elaine and Lana at our wonderful factory, the PumpEase™ head over to Mom's.  She snips threads and checks that everything is 'as it should be' with regards to construction.  I keep telling her that I'm going to get her some Inspected by Mom Quality Control stickers.  Not because we need to track her work (she is our only inspector at this point), but rather to tell the world that "Mom" is checking your PumpEase™ and who could possibly be better suited for the job?  Honestly, I think she LIKES rejecting the PumpEase™ that aren't up-to-snuffRejected by Mom Funny, the other day she was complaining about 'this job she has that she doesn't get paid for'.  Hmm... next there will be rumblings of a union starting - IIBMU (International Inspected By Mom Union Local 500).

Then my (currently very pregnant) sister Denise visually checks the PumpEase™ again, fastens the hook & eye closure, neatly folds them and inserts them into our packaging (which she has previously assembled).  She then adds our bar code label to the back and our size label to the front.

Finally, our shipping department (that's currently yours truly) makes another visual check before placing the PumpEase™ package in our crisp white bubble mailer with our pretty Snugabell™ shipping label on the front.  Then it is off to the Post Office to see Colleen!

So as you can see, we work hard to make sure the product you receive is in pristine condition.  If you EVER receive a shipment from us that does not meet your expectations, please let us know.  Our customers' happiness is very important to us.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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