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The Girls Next DONA

I was an exhibitor at the DONA International Conference here in Vancouver, BC for the past three days and it was wonderful! I met doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, breastfeeding counselors and many other wonderful women (and men) that work in the childbirth profession from all over the world.

My table was between Seattle Midwifery School (SMS) and Mother-Art. How ironic that I was situated between a school (I love to learn) and an artist (I love collecting unusual and beautiful pieces of art and jewellery).Water Mamas

On Day 1, I talked to Annie Kennedy about the courses that they have available. Annie is the Director of the (Penny) Simkin School at SMS. Both Annie and Penny are founders of DONA. I would love to learn more about lactation and breastfeeding so that I can understand my customers needs better. Note to self: sign-up for their 6-day Breastfeeding & Lactation course.

I also talked to Susan Kirk of Mother-Art and her lovely 16-year-old daughter (her name escapes me at the moment). Susan is an artist working in many different media from her garden studio in Chico, California. I perused Susan's table, filled with ceramic figurines, vessels and pendants as well as matted prints and notecards all honouring motherhood, telling myself that I didn't 'need' anything.

On Day 2, I purchased her Water Mamas print. Everytime I looked at her table, it spoke to me. I love the colors and I had to own it.

On Day 3, I purchased the Frida Wrap print. Susan looks after her neighbour's baby. She had Frida in the Maya wrap, looked down and saw this beautiful sight. She was so inspired, she painted it! I was also in awe of her beautiful ceramic pendants! I bought a Nursing Mother Goddess in turquoise (shown below, top right).  Susan makes many other styles as well. In fact, I'm thinking of possibly selling them on our website. What do you think? Seattle Midwifery School logo pendant

Frida Wrap

Nursing Mother Goddess



Oh....and then I 'had' to have this silver pendant, (don't tell my husband), which is the logo for the Seattle Midwifery School....doncha just la-la-love it?

OK, gotta run now. I still have to deal with the smoking credit card.

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Diane Sam says:

I can see how you couldn’t resist - what beautiful art! I vote for selling them on your website - why should all that beautiful Mother Art stay in California? Bring it up north Wendy!

Posted on August 5, 2008

Wendy Armbruster Bell says:

We will definitely look into it. Thanks for the comment Diane.

Posted on February 9, 2009