Meet Wendy

Wendy Armbruster Bell by Claire Reid PhotographyWendy was born and raised in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Growing up, she was surrounded by creativity:  her Dad was a world-renowned, master, scale-model builder, her Mom is an amazing cook, baker, crafter, sewer and gardener, her older sister is an artist and her younger sister is a pastry chef. Everything was lovingly hand-made at the Armbruster home. There was never bought bread, cookies or cakes. If jewellery or shoes (or anything else for that matter) needed repair, Dad fixed it and it was always as good as, if not better than, new.

Wendy's Dad (family photo)

Wendy's Dad
Richard L (Dick) Armbruster
May 4, 1991
Working on models in "his room"
July 20, 1936 - July 1, 2007
I love you Dad!

Wendy took after her Mom in the sewing and crafting. This evolved into a fascination with fashion. In elementary school, she delighted in the fact that her mother loved to sew "original" outfits for her and would stand staring at her closet every morning wondering "what to wear today". At age 12, she took sewing in school and was finally allowed to use her mother's sewing machine. Many hours of her spare time, and money earned at her first job, were then spent making her own clothes. After graduating from high school and attending Simon Fraser University for Computer Programming, Wendy landed a job at a telecommunications company, but her love of fashion remained an important part of her life.

A fateful series of events led Wendy to hear about, apply for and be accepted into the Fashion program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  During her 2-year tenure at Kwantlen, Wendy received the 1994 Kwantlen Second Year Scholarship for outstanding scholastic achievement and the 1994 British Columbia Simon Chang, Phyllis Levine Foundation Award for outstanding scholastic performance in fashion design.  Wendy Graduated with Distinction from the Fashion Design & Technology Program and is currently working on her Bachelor of Applied Design.  She is also working on her Provincial Instructor’s Diploma (VCC) and her Associate Certificate in Introductory Computer Programming (BCIT).

Antonia & Michaela Fall 2012 by Claire Reid Photography

Wendy now has 18 years experience in the Apparel & Sewn Products Industries including launching two businesses:  The Nemesis Clothing Company & B.E.G (women’s wear) and Moda de Vida Design (CAD pattern management for the apparel and sewn products industries).

In the spring of 2008, Wendy was accepted into the BCIT BEST Program (BCIT Entrepreneurial Skills Training).  She felt it was an amazing experience to be back in the classroom in such a dynamic environment and with such a fabulous alumni program.  Wendy enjoys learning each and every day and hopes to be a "student" right into her senior years. 

Wendy's Dad passed away in 2007 on Canada Day (that's July 1st for our American friends); since then she has found herself reflecting on many of the wonderful things he taught her.  What stands out the most for Wendy was the incredible integrity and dedication her Dad carried through all aspects of his life:  he did his best work every day of his life.  She aspires to do the same.

Wendy resides in Coquitlam, BC, Canada with her husband, Mike and her two daughters, Antonia and Michaela (8 and 6 years old respectively).



                        Michaela & Antonia, Fall 2012


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